Undergraduate Research

I welcome students who want to collaborate in research to understand ecological questions related to my own ongoing projects. I have supervised over a dozen students in the last five years alone, on projects related to restoration ecology, invasive species biology, soil nutrient dynamics, natural history, and even air pollution. My students have presented their research at regional and national scientific conferences, and we have published several peer-reviewed publications together.

If you are interested in doing undergraduate research with Prof. Corbin, visit this page for more info.

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Past students:

  • 2020-2021: Fernanda Arevalo (Thesis), Emma Flatland (Independent Study), Jahnae Morgan (Thesis), Lauren Stebbins (Thesis)
  • 2020: Paul Bacchi (Thesis), Anna Browne (Thesis), Kira Wilson (Thesis)
  • 2018: Jessica Gilbert (Co-author of Gilbert and Corbin 2019); Jacqueline Sharry (Poster Presentation at 2018 NENH Conference); and Samantha Williams (Poster Presentation at 2018 NENH Conference)
  • 2017: Anna Doran (Poster Presentation at Northeastern Chapter of Society for Ecological Restoration Conference), Rachel Fried, Ashley Rosa  (Poster Presentation at Northeastern Chapter of Society for Ecological Restoration Conference)
  • 2016: Victoria Cullinan, Sonia Sandoval (Speaker at Northeastern Natural History Conference and Ecological Society of America Conference), Matthew Wolford (Co-author of Corbin et al. 2017Corbin et al., 2017 and Poster Presentation at NY6 Undergraduate Research Symposium), and Colby Richardson (Union Scholar Project)
  • 2015: Madeline Frieze
  • 2014: Natasha Jhala (Presentation at NCUR) and Lauren Hafkemeyer (Co-author of Corbin et al. 2016)
  • 2013: Brittany Oakes (Co-author of Corbin and Oakes 2014), Mital Patel (Oral Presentation at 2012 NCUR)
  • 2011: Shabana Hoosein (Oral presentation at 2011 NCUR and poster presentation at 2011 New York Natural Heritage Conference)
  • 2010: Tyler Cross (Oral presentation at 2011 New York Natural History Conference), Natalie Koncki (Oral presentation at 2010 Soil and Water Conservation Society Conference) – Hear what Tyler is up to in this podcast about prescribed fire.
  • 2009: Julie LaSpina (Oral presentation at 2009 NCUR); Niels Olsen; Keely Craig; Colin Cameron
  • 2008: Emily Follandsbee, Sarah Conner (Union Scholar)

Peer-reviewed publications from undergraduate research collaborations: 

(† indicates undergraduate co-author)

Gilbert JA and Corbin JD. 2019. Biological soil crusts inhibit seed germination in a temperate pine barren ecosystem. PLOS ONE 14: e0212466.

Corbin, J.D., M. Wolford, C.L. Zimmerman, and B. Quirion. 2017. Applying decision support tools to weed management: A retrospective analysis of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) control. Restoration Ecology 25: S170-S177.

Corbin, J.D., G. R. Robinson, L.M. Hafkemeyer, and S.N. Handel. 2016. A long-term evaluation of applied nucleation as a strategy to facilitate forest restoration. Ecological Applications 26:104:114.

Corbin, J.D. and B. Oakes. 2014. Species Diversity. In Y.Q. Wang (ed.) Encyclopedia of Natural Resources. CRC Press, 1086 pp.

Sandel, B., J.D. Corbin, and M. Krupa. 2011. Using plant functional traits to guide restoration: A case study in California coastal grassland. Ecosphere 2:art23.

Reynolds, S.A., J.D. Corbin, and C.M. D’Antonio. 2001. The effects of litter and temperature on the germination of native and exotic grasses in a coastal California grassland. Madroño 48: 230-235.

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