Public Outreach

I am committed to applying the results of my research to help solve environmental problems related to conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. I also seek to communicate with the general public so that there is greater likelihood that science will inform public opinion and public policy decisions.

Application of my research to environmental problems:

  • My research makes recommendations for habitat managers working in such fields as invasive species management and forest regeneration.
  • I am a member of the Conservation Committee of the Eastern New York Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. I advise TNC Staff with regards to management and restoration of their land holdings.

Public communication

  • I was a guest on WAMC’s Vox Pop call-in radio show, discussing climate change – (Vox Pop).
  • I argued that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation must control deer populations in order to prevent serious damage to the state’s forests – Albany Times-Union Op-Ed 12/3/2013.
  • published a description of an effective strategy to counter the misinformation presented by climate change deniers on college campuses. In a follow-up study, I found that students’ awareness of the scientific basis of climate change actually increased following a visit by Christopher Monckton and our counter-presentations.
  • I wrote an Op-Ed article in the Albany Times-Union in which I discussed the implications of climate change projections for New York’s infrastructure.