Public Outreach

IMG_0057I am committed to applying the results of my research to help solve environmental problems related to conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. I also seek to communicate with the general public so that there is greater likelihood that science will inform public opinion and public policy decisions.

Among my efforts to present my research to a broader audience include writing newspaper op-eds on topics ranging from land conservation to wildlife management to climate change. I have also discussed climate change with listeners on WAMC’s Vox Pop call-in radio show. and I regularly give public lectures about my research to schools and community groups.

I am also a leading advocate for efforts to transform New York’s Capital Region’s energy system to one that is dominated by clean energy. Community Choice Aggregation is a NYSERDA initiative whereby local cities and towns can negotiate renewable energy contracts with local suppliers on behalf of their residents. This initiative has the potential to radically reduce carbon emissions in our region by moving thousands of households away electricity made from dirty fossil fuels. Momentum is building to gather support in a variety of cities and towns in our region.

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