Jeff Corbin’s CV – Aug ’20

(* indicates student co-author; † indicates undergraduate co-author)

Brown, M.E., R.O. Prieto, J.D. Corbin, J.H. Ness, R. Borroto-Paez, T.S. McCay, and M.S. Farnsworth. 2021. Pirates of the Caribbean: Plant invasions, tourism, trade, and Cuba’s changing tide. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Corbin, J.D. and R.K. Thiet. 2020. Temperate biocrusts: mesic counterparts to their better-known dryland cousins. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 18:456-464.

Beaury*, E.M.  J.T. Finn, J.D. Corbin, V. Barr, B.A. Bradley. 2019. Biotic resistance to invasion is ubiquitous across ecosystems of the United States. Ecology Letters.

Gilbert JA and Corbin JD. 2019. Biological soil crusts inhibit seed germination in a temperate pine barren ecosystem. PLOS ONE 14: e0212466. (PDF)

Zimmerman, C.L., R. Shirer, and J.D. Corbin. 2018. Native Plant recovery following three years of common reed (Phragmites australis) control. Invasive Plant Science and Management 11:175-180. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., M. Wolford, C.L. Zimmerman, and B. Quirion. 2017. Applying decision support tools to weed management: A retrospective analysis of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) control. Restoration Ecology 25: S170-S177 (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., G. R. Robinson, L.M. Hafkemeyer, and S.N. Handel. 2016. A long-term evaluation of applied nucleation as a strategy to facilitate forest restoration. Ecological Applications 26: 104-114 (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and B. Oakes. 2014. Species Diversity. In Y.Q. Wang (ed.) Encyclopedia of Natural Resources.

Corbin, J.D. 2014. Book review of Allison (2014): Ecological restoration and environmental change: Renewing damaged ecosystems. Ecological Restoration 32:335-336. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. 2013. Toward a new paradigm in conservation and restoration (Review of Hobbs et al. 2013: Novel Ecosystems: Intervening in the new ecological world order.) Ecology 94:2908-2909. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and M.E. Katz. 2012. Effective strategies to counter campus presentations on climate denial. EOS 93:252-3 (PDF)

Sandel*, B. and J.D. Corbin. 2012. Scale and diversity following manipulation of productivity and disturbance in Californian coastal grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science. DOI: 10.1111/j.1654-1103.2012.01406.x (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and C.M. D’Antonio. 2012. Gone but not forgotten?: Invasive plants’ legacies on community and ecosystem properties. Invasive Plant Science and Management 5:117-124. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and K. Holl. 2012. Applied nucleation as a forest restoration strategy. Forest Ecology and Management 265: 37-46. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and C.M. D’Antonio. 2011. Abundance and productivity mediate invader effects on nitrogen dynamics in a California grassland. Ecosphere 2:art32. (PDF) (Web)

Sandel*, B., J.D. Corbin, and M. Krupa. 2011. Using plant functional traits to guide restoration: A case study in California coastal grassland. Ecosphere 2:art23. (PDF) (Web)

Corbin, J.D. and C.M. D’Antonio. 2010. Not novel, just better: Competition between native and non-native plants that share species traits. Plant Ecology 209: 71-81. (PDF)

Sandel*, B. and J.D. Corbin. 2010. Scale, disturbance and productivity control the native-exotic richness relationship. Oikos 119: 1281-1290. (PDF)

Abraham*, J., J.D. Corbin, and C.M. D’Antonio. 2009. Emergence time and nitrogen availability differentially affect competitive ability of native and exotic perennial grasses in California coastal prairie grasslands. Plant Ecology 201:455-456. (PDF)

Purcell*, A.P., J.D. Corbin and K.E. Hans. 2007. Urban riparian restoration: An outdoor classroom for college and high school students collaborating in conservation. Madroño 54: 258-267. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and M.E. Vasey. 2007 Restoration in a changing world: Case studies from California. Madroño 54: 213-214.

DiVittorio, C.D., J.D. Corbin and C.M. D’Antonio. 2007. Exotic propagule supply: a critical determinant of grassland invasion. Ecological Applications 17:311-316. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., A. Dyer, and E. Seabloom. 2007. Competitive relations in California grasslands. Pages 156-168 in Stromberg, Corbin, and D’Antonio, editors. “California grasslands: Ecology and Management.” UC Press. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., C.M. D’Antonio, A.R. Dyer and M. Stromberg. 2007. Introduction. In Stromberg, Corbin, and D’Antonio, editors. “California grasslands: Ecology and Management.” UC Press. (PDF)

Reever-Morghan*, K., J.D. Corbin, and J. Gerlach. 2007. Water relations. In Stromberg, Corbin, and D’Antonio, editors. “California grasslands: Ecology and Management.” UC Press. (PDF)

Stromberg, M., C.M. D’Antonio and J.D. Corbin. 2007. Epilogue: Future directions. In Stromberg, Corbin, and D’Antonio, editors. “California grasslands: Ecology and Management.” UC Press. (PDF)

Vila, M., J.D. Corbin, J. Dukes, J. Pino, and S. Smith. 2007. Linking plant invasions to global environmental change. Pages 93-102 In P. Canadell, D. Pataki, and L. Pitelka (eds). Terrestrial Ecosystems in a Changing World. Springer-Verlag. Berlin. (PDF)

Thomsen*, M.A., J.D. Corbin, and C.M. D’Antonio. 2006. The effect of soil N on competition between native and exotic perennial grasses from northern coastal California. Plant Ecology 186:25-35. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., M.A. Thomsen*, T.E. Dawson, and C.M. D’Antonio. 2005. Summer water use by California coastal prairie grasses: fog, drought, and community composition. Oecologia 145:511-521. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and C. M. D’Antonio. 2004. Competition between native and exotic grasses in California: Implications for an historical invasion. Ecology 85:1273-1283. (PDF) [Featured in Conservation in Practice and San Francisco Chronicle]

Corbin, J.D. and C.M. D’Antonio. 2004. Can carbon addition increase the competitiveness of native grasses: A case study from California. Restoration Ecology 12:36-43. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D. and C.M. D’Antonio. 2004. Effects of invasive species on soil nitrogen cycling: Implications for restoration. Weed Technology 18:1464-1467. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., C.M. D’Antonio, and S. Bainbridge. 2004. Tipping the balance in the restoration of native plants: Experimental approaches to changing the exotic:native ratio in California grassland. Pages 154-179 In “Experimental approaches to conservation biology,” edited by Malcolm Gordon and Soraya Bartol. University of California Press. (PDF)

D’Antonio, C.M. and J.D. Corbin. 2003. Effects of plant invaders on nutrient cycling: Using models to explore the link between invasion and development of species effects. Pp. 363-384 In: C.D. Canham, J.J. Cole, and W.K. Lauenroth, editors. “Models in Ecosystem Science”. Princeton (NJ): Princeton University Press. (PDF)

Corbin, J.D., P.G. Avis*, and R.B. Wilbur. 2003. The role of phosphorus availability in the response of soil nitrogen cycling, understory vegetation, and arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculums potential to elevated nitrogen inputs. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 147:141-161. (PDF)

Reynolds, S.A., J.D. Corbin, and C.M. D’Antonio. 2001. The effects of litter and temperature on the germination of native and exotic grasses in a coastal California grassland. Madroño 48: 230-235.

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