Current Lab Members

Madeline Frieze (Class of 2015) – “Remote sensing of water chestnut (Trapa natans). Madeline works for an energy company in Boston, MA.

Lauren Hafkemeyer (Class of 2014) – “Tracking forest development at a New Jersey Reclaimed landfill site.” Lauren is earning her teaching degree in Connecticut.

Natasha Jhala (Class of 2014) – “Investigating the impact of environmental mercury on songbirds in the Albany Pine Bush Area.” Natasha is attending graduate school at the Columbia University School of Public Health.

Brittany Oakes (Class of 2012) – “Modeling biofuel production in southern pine forests: effects on soil properties.” Major: Environmental Science (Honors). Co-Author of Corbin and Oakes 2012 Species Diversity in the Encyclopedia of Natural Resources. She works in Boston.

Mital Patel (Class of 2012) – “Public awareness of the impacts of the Emerald Ash Borer and its management in New York State.” Major: Biology (Honors). Presented at 2012 National Council for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). She completed an MBA at Union Graduate College in 2013 and is currently attending Law School.

Becca Robinson (Class of 2012) – “Patterns of invasive species in National Parks.” Major: Mathematics.  Becca completed an independent study project in 2012 and worked as a Post-Bac during Summer 2012. She attended graduate school at the University of Michigan and is currently a GIS Analyst for the US Forest Service in California.

Shabana Hoosein (Class of 2011) – “Limitations to seedling establishment in a Clayplain forest pasture.” Major: Environmental Science. Presented at 2011 National Council for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and 2011 Northeastern Natural History Conference. She is currently a Master of Science student at UAlbany.

Tyler Cross (Class of 2010) – “A comparison of removal techniques in eliminating Berberis thunbergii and reducing subsequent germinations.” Major: Biology. Presented at 2011 Northeastern Natural History Conference. He is currently pursuing a Masters’ Degree in ecology at UMass Amherst.

Natalie Koncki (Class of 2010) – “How green is the harvest? Effects of forest biofuel management on soil resources.” Major: Environmental Science (Honors). Presented at 2010 Soil and Water Conservation Society Meetings. She received a Masters Degree in Biology from Hofstra University and is currently an Environmental Consultant in Massachusetts.

Reed Olsen (Class of 2009) – “Making compost work better, faster, stronger.” Major: Biology. Currently an organic farmer in Washington State. He was profiled in the Burlington Free Press for his opposition to a tar sands pipeline.

Julie LaSpina (Class of 2009) – “The effects of fire and deer herbivory on oak regeneration in an eastern deciduous forest.” Current position: Environmental Health and Safety Officer.

Keely Craig (Class of 2008) – “Linking habitat variables to the distribution of avifauna in the Lambusango Forest Area, Indonesia: Implications for conservation.” Major: Environmental Science. Current position: Bird population research

Emily Follandsbee (Class of 2007) – “Test of activated carbon to reduce the effect of Alliaria petiolata on the growth of native tree seedlings.” Graduate of Gonzaga Law School.